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The ESN TUMi e.V. was officially founded on the first of October 2020. In a year where we could do very little, we looked at our organization and used the opportunity to meaningfully change the basis on which we work.
The idea is much older than that though, TUMi has been operating as a direct part of the TUM Global & Alumni office for years. The changes we've made will allow us to keep a great thing going as an independent student organization. We still cooperate closely with the Global Office at TUM and could not offer the diverse program without them.
TUMi is also an ESN section. The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is active all throughout Europe and wants to represent international students. ESN and TUMi both are based on the principle of students helping students.

How TUMi works

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Our members

The members of TUMi are the people who make the dream work, they organize events and take care of the participants on those events. Without these dedicated volunteers, TUMi would not be possible.

The board supporters

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The partnership manager takes care of our partners and is always on the lookout for new ones. TUMi cooperates with other institutions for special events and in the form of special conditions for ESNcard holders.

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Public Relations

The PR manager is responsible for the external representation of TUMi, including print and digital advertising as well as merchandise. This includes taking care of the various channels TUMi uses and promoting our main events to the general public.

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The event manager oversees the events offered by TUMi. They help members plan new events and lay out the weekend trips during the semester. The event manager is also involved with organizing TUMi's biggest event: Party Animals.

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The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the IT-tools used by TUMi for communication and events. They also support members with IT related projects and problems using the existing tools.

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Local Representative

The local representative is TUMi's connection to the larger ESN network. They bring national knowledge to the section and also serve as the contact point for the national board and other sections.

The board

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Handles the finances of TUMi and is in charge of the bank accounts, they know where money came from and where it went.

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Vice President

The vice president takes care of the association and its members. They are also responsible for integrating new members and managing the application process. Internal events and teambuilding for section members are also part of their work.

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The president has to organize the board work and represent the association to stakeholders and local authorities. They also take care of strategic planning and task management.