Join TUMi!

Are you interested in...

  • supporting international students with settling in, showing them around the campus and introducing them to Munich and its cultural highlights?
  • making international contacts in a relaxed atmosphere?
  • volunteering as part of a friendly, young and dynamic team?
  • taking on responsibility for the planning and execution of an interesting, exciting and fun program?

We suggest to only apply if

  • your level of German is at least B1, because it is likely that you will be interacting on your own in German-only-speaking environments during TUMi events.
  • you will study at TUM for at least another year, as TUMi will invest a considerable amount of training resources into you and therefore we have an interest to have you stay with TUMi for an extended period of time.
  • you are not an exchange student yourself, again as we want you to stay at TUM for more than the duration of an exchange.

The Process

Trial Member

You join TUMi as a trial member on acceptance, this makes you part of the organisation and allows you to take part as a tutor in TUMi events and buy an ESN card. You will not have to pay membership fees but also lack some privileges a full member would enjoy.

TUMi is an association (“Verein”) of TUM students that cooperates closely with the TUM Global & Alumni office. Our work is lead by a board of tutors that all full members elect. We start our semester with a kickoff workshop. Our regular meeting during the semester is our “Stammtisch”.

Full Member

After being part of TUMi for some time you can apply for full membership. There are two requirements:

  1. Take part in one kickoff or stammtisch
  2. Be tutor on four events

When becoming a full member you will also have to pay membership fees (currently €5.00 per semester), these serve mainly the purpose to show who is still active.
Full members also gain some privileges:

  • Voting rights at the assembly
  • Ability to run for a board position
  • Ability to introduce their own events

Current situation

We're aware of the current lack of events, the board will take this into account when assessing the full member applications

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