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City Rally

Starts: 3:00 PM GMT+00:00

Apply what you’ve learned about Munich so far and beat the other teams in a competition of finding spots in your new (at least temporary) hometown.

You will do a walk through the central part of Munich, visit some places and maybe perform some small tasks. Due to the current regulations, you will do the rally in teams of two people. We will match you with a random partner. If you want to do it alone or already have a partner, please let us know in advance (events@esn-tumi.de, Subject “City Rally”).

Prove that you’re ready to live in our beautiful city… And maybe even win a prize 🏆

Registration Deadline: 8.4.21 - 20:00 !!!

We will match the teams on the 8.4.21 and provide a detailed information sheet to you on Friday, the 9th of April. You will have until Sunday evening to finish the rally, we will then meet online to compare your results and determine the winning team.

This event is organized by the student association ESN TUMi München e.V.

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