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Online Training: How to survive Corona: Strategies for Coping and Joy of Life

Starts: Dec 21, 2020, 3:00:00 PM

Feeling lonely in Corona-Times? Welcome to this online training.

We have all come to a point where we miss going out and living our life happily. Corona is like a culture shock, an adaptation process to new living rules. It´s totally normal that we might face emotional ups and downs, especially when living in a new country.

But there is good news: we can do a lot of easy things to feel better in our everyday life! We can focus on what is important in our lives, what we are thankful for each day and we can create a positive Corona Survival Plan. In this interactive workshop you will learn how to survive Corona and get this relieving feeling: you are not alone!

Here is how you access the training:

This online training consisits of two connected modules (120 mins. each):

Module 1 (Mon 14 Dec. 2020: 04 - 06 pm)

  • Getting to know each other
  • Corona as a culture shock
  • Strategies for culture shock (Break out session)
  • Positive activities based on core values

Module 2 (Mon 21 Dec. 2020: 04 - 06 pm)

  • Experiences with the positive week-plan
  • Happiness through awareness (Exercise)
  • Happiness through thankfulness (Break out session)
  • Happiness through mastering your thoughts (Exercise)

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